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All links are provided for reference only and their inclusion here should not be considered an endorsement. Please be a smart consumer and do your research before making any purchases through any of the listed links.

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Suppliers of POW*MIA Related Products

Glendale Parade Store :  crests, patches, pins, magnets  (2/17)

The PX at the POW Network :  patches, stickers, decals, flags, buttons, bracelets, t-shirts and more.  (2/17)

United States Flag Store : POW”MIA flags, United States & other assorted flags banners, custom banners & flags, wind socks and more.(2/17)

POW*MIA Bracelets

Hero Bracelets : Memorial bracelets in materials such as copper, anodized aluminum, silver, & leather. Different bracelet styles to choose from. Dog Tags. (2/17)

Memorial Bracelets : Metal and leather memorial bracelets, id bracelets and dog tags (2/17)

National League of POW/MIA Families : Stainless Steel Bracelets (2/17)

TheBattleZone : Memorial bracelets in several materials such as stainless, anodized aluminum, silver, nickle, brass & copper.  Custom engraving available as well as emblems. (2/17)

 Printing Resources

BuildASign : Signs, banners, bumper stickers, car magnets, license plates and more.  (2/17)

Customized Stickers  :  Stickers in several shapes & sizes, different adhesives and finishes.  (2/17)

Print  Runner  :   stickers, bumper stickers, flyers, business cards, post cards, stationery, posters, magnets, banner, signs and ,   (2/17)

UPrinting.com  :  stickers, window clings, flyers, business cards, post cards, stationery, posters, magnets, calendars and more. (2/17)

Vistaprint  : business cards, stationery, post cards, address labels, banners, magnets, decals, stickers, bumper stickers, mugs and more (2/17)

Suppliers of Assorted Customizable Products

The Flag Makers  :  flags, car flags, pennants, banners, table covers, headrest covers, buntings, bandanas, scarves, stock flags & crests and more (2/17)

Sources for Custom Silicone Wristbands/Bracelets

When comparing suppliers for Silicone bracelets, be sure to consider which require a minimum  number of units purchased, shipping costs, and any set up fees.  Watch for sales and special promotions. Not all features are mentioned in the brief description here so please check each suppliers web site for the full offering. 

Custom Silicone Bracelets : silicone bracelets both single and intertwined. Available in several colors as well as bands which are solid, swirled, tie-dyed and vertical striped.  Advertising “no hidden fees.”  (2/17)

Direct Wristbands : silicone bracelets in several styles and a wide array of colors.  Website states that their pricing is all inclusive with no hidden fees.  (2/17)

Goods for Giving : silicone bracelets in several styles and colors. Offering mix ‘n match colors. No 7. Also carry key chains and other personalized items.  (2/17)

Order Silicone Bracelets : silicone bracelets in several styles and a wide array of colors. Solid, segmented and swirled bands.  (2/17)

Reminder Band : silicone bracelets in several styles and a wide array of colors.  Also offers textured bands and color block and striped bands. Low minimums.  (2/17)

Silicone Bracelets.com  : silicone bracelets in different styles and a wide array of colors.  Free quote & shipping available. (2/17)

The Wristband Factory : silicone bracelets in several styles and colors. Three sizes. Free artwork & no set-up fee.  Free shipping.  (2/17)

TheAwristocrat.com (on Amazon.com) : silicone bracelets in several styles and colors.  Free artwork & shipping. No extra charge for swirl styles.  Engraved leather bracelets.  Several other items.  (2/17)

Wholesale-Wristbands.com : silicone bracelets in several styles and a wide array of colors.  Free artwork & no set-up fee  (2/17)

Wrist-Band : silicone bracelets in several styles and a wide array of colors. Offer different widths.  Free bracelets with qualifying orders  Artwork & font file. Watch for sales.   (2/17)      ,

Wristband Connection : silicone bracelets in several styles as well as 5 in-stock sizes and custom sizes (2/17)

Wristbands NOW : silicone bracelets in several colors (2/17)

Wristband With A Message : Customized bracelets in several styles; a selection of lettering textures. (2/17)

By Scarlett Royal – Fine Artist (Pen & Ink)  ORDERING INFORMATION


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